Guerrero moves to YELLOW

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......Science based responses abound in examples around the world and the Mexican government has had ample time to adapt their responses based on new information but have chosen not to.


My interpretation for at least one reason why this issue has opinions that vary from one extreme to another, is one basic fundamental:

a Human body.

Possibly, the lack of understanding of exactly how it functions from a physiological / medical / scientific perspective gets in the way, and leads to these debates.
We're talking about the effect that a particular illness, which is a virus in this case, has on a human body.
No matter what country one is from or in, that is a constant, that being the effect of the illness on a human body.

Although geography, climate, customs and traditions, physical appearances do vary from one extreme to another in country "a" to country "Z", bottom line is we're talking about the effect an illness has on one thing people in countries a - Z have in common:
our bodies.
So unless someone in one country has 3 lungs, or other physiological, biological or anatomical peculiarity, I see no reason that sound medical evidence about the illness provided by qualified health care professionals from country "A" should be declared useless and ingnored in country "b, c, d, e, f ----Z"

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