Testing at the Airport

by Justin, Friday, January 22, 2021, 13:37 (113 days ago) @ Keytime

Everyone had to know this would happen as soon as the Government noticed how much money they had to potential to loose when the USA imposed negaitive test results prior to boarding flights bound for the USA. Now why this action was not taken sooner?

Below was Posted on the 16th expecting to see some form of testing provided.

A tourist will spend on the average $150 per day per person. Some way more, some way less. If two people visit for 14 days that is $4,200 spent on hotels, meals, taxis, misc..... $4,200 into the local economy and the local government gives back to them 2 $50.00 (Est) Covid tests so they can go home happy customers and want to return. Even if they reimburse a local lab to do the work so they get paid, everyone wins.

Having short time results provided at the airport is the best option for travelers. Now it will be interesting to see how the airport manages this task. Oh well my flight is not until early March so by then it should run like a well oiled machine.


I am not saying what is best for everyone, lets get that clear and out of the way.

But I am not seeing how a test at the airport has anything to do with me gurgling and drowning in a third world country.

A test is not going to save me. I can get free tests all day long right where I am.

The test will only let me go home if I am Not Showing any symptoms, it does nothing for me if I get sick.

Last I heard there is a Canadian couple in the hospital in Zihu now, dying. Denied even an emergency evac back to Canada. A free test isn't gonna save them or anyone else who gets ill. Sadly, almost all of the comments on that post are deleted as they were along the lines of " You Broke The Rules, Now Pay The Price" even as the daughter was begging to help get her dying parents home.

Whatever happened to the common good, sacrificing and sheltering in place an following the rules. The countries that have done the best are those that had mandatory rules, not recommendations. People are selfish and skirt the recommendations.

That said, you are free, do as you wish, but don't expect a whole lot of sympathy if something goes wrong.

I wish you continued safety and health.

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