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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, April 06, 2021, 21:00 (30 days ago)


As of today, since April 18, 2020 Zihuatanejo has registered a cumulative total of 2,225 confirmed cases of Covid-19 (4 more than yesterday), 182 that have resulted in fatalities, 24 that are currently active, and approximately 1,877 that have recovered. Local numbers have been holding steady for quite some time. We may see a spike soon from the Semana Santa vacation period. La Unión and Petatlán both currently report 1 active case each.

Adults over 60 in Zihuatanejo, El Coacoyul and Barrio Viejo will begin receiving the 29,000 doses available of the Pfizer vaccine beginning next Friday according to the first letter of their last names. It hasn't yet been announced what letters of the alphabet will go in what order. In Zihuatanejo vaccinations will be given at the canchas techadas at the Unidad Deportiva. In Barrio Viejo at the cancha techada, and in El Coacoyul at the auditorio ejidal. Citizens and eligible residents will need the copy of your registration for the vaccination with the Secretaría de Salud, your CURP, proof of address (electric, phone or water bill) and your credencial or resident card. You must wear a mask and practice social distancing. More details to come soon.

A perfect time to be in a perfect place.

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