Mexico City Airport - our adventure...

by Roberto!, Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 12:00 (341 days ago)
edited by Roberto!, Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 12:07

We flew AeroMexico out of Vancouver and arrived about 15 minutes early then disembarked at Gate 65.
It was a long hike to Immigration and when we got there we were startled to see the entire area was jammed full of people - even the stairs and back wall area was full with little room to move about. Some people on our flight were on their way to Huatulco with a tight connection.
Fortunately for us and them, they had organized a special line for all the passenger from Vancouver to use and once in it, it took only about 15 minutes to clear Immigration. They only asked us how long we were staying (18 days ) then stamped our passport. How long they gave us? We can't make out the days because of the handwriting. Customs was a non event and all we did was go through the "nothing to declare" door.
We had about a 3 HR layover and a transfer to Terminal 1 which was a bit of a test and once in Terminal 1 and going through security, it was the usual gate roulette trying to figure out what gate the connecting flight to Zihua was going to be. They usually make that determination about an hour before so we plunked ourselves down in the Gate B area (which we were told the Zihua flight left from) and waited until the gate agent told us what gate they were going to use - and as luck would have it - it was where we were sitting.
The flight to Zihua was about 45 minutes and after one of the roughest landing I've experienced, it was into the heat and humidity to pick up our luggage and a taxi to where we were staying for a rest.
Good to be back too....

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