The road to nowhere

by Keytime @, Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 19:18 (156 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

No offense taken. However I should point out that the condo owner pays Property Tax, HOA dues that pay gardners, security, Managers, Accountants, Pool Maintence, painters, plumbers, electricians. Also annual Feduciceries, (bad spelling). Then on top of that, we hire people to keep the inside of our condos updated, and maintanied. Many of us are here 6 months of the year. We support many of the local markets, Many of the local casual dinning places and many of the fine dinning places. Might I say many of us tip very well. Do we appricate all that we receive in return from the full time residents and citizens, OH YES WE DO. Many of us CONDO Owners also rent out the our units. Taxes are collected same as the hotel, Property managers (Local) are paid as are thier staff. Personally I feel the opposite of you Rob. I find that Condos make an area better than Hotels that provide a Party weekend spot. Condos on the other hand encourage longer term visitors which had a tendency to appricate the stay much more than in on Friday out on Sunday morning. I would rather had 10 3 stories 15 unit condo than a 15 story 150 unit hotel....

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