AMLO to down size National Electoral Institute [INE]

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, October 29, 2022, 19:16 (143 days ago) @ hromero

What whim didn't they bow to that the president holds against them. Lets start with how INE didn't declare him the winner in his first two runs at the presidency and particularly his first run? His first run ended in a very close race where it was determined that he lost in what was generally accepted by independent organizations from around the world to have been a fair election. Instead of accepting the results he incited his followers to occupy the Zocalo and declare himself the rightful president. Or how about his public opposition to INE disqualifying the candidate Salgado Macedonia of his party while be silent about disqualifications of other candidates from other parties? How about his decisions to circumvent INE to run national advisory elections through his party organization without checks?

I am not here to claim that all officials within INE are saints or that the organization doesn't need some reforms. I will point out that AMLO himself benefitted from those funds in building his party before being in power and now that he is in power he seems to want to eliminate those mechanisms that might help foster other competition. My concern is that this president seems intent on dismantling government organizations that are independent from his office and that he can't control directly rather than doing the hard work of actually building them up and rooting out the corruption. To suggest that the judicial system in Mexico is independent and without corruption is not believable to me. He has built up the military and used its status to circumvent judicial review of his pet projects by claiming that they are of "national security". Meanwhile tens of thousands of poor Mexicans continue to languish in prisons awaiting a trial while criminal organizations seem to grow ever emboldened and in some cases seemingly abetted by the military.

I'm afraid you're confused amigo. That was the IFE, and it has been "reformed" a couple of times since then, not by AMLO.

You're blaming AMLO for distrusting the election results? While I disagreed with him, I can't blame him. Most of us agree the '88 election was a sham. While I disagreed with his methods since I was one of the poll workers and I believe in the system we use, corruption is more than just burning or stuffing ballot boxes. The voting process can be exemplary while the process to nominate candidates is rotten with corruption. As it turns out, Peña Nieto WAS corrupt, Televisa played kingmaker for a price, and Felipe Calderón had a government full of narcos while he was fighting a war against narcos. People from both administrations are either in jails here and in the USA or pending trial. See the movie "Una Dictadura Perfecta".

He's entitled to his opinions, which I often disagree with. That doesn't mean he is wrong in trying to downsize the INE and make them operate more transparently and efficiently. I don't know what other institutions you're referring to. I don't see him trying to sabotage any.

Each Consulta Popular, a procedure that should have been simple, was carried out with a very poor performance by the INE, as if they were intentionally trying to sabotage the procedure by placing extremely few polling sites including some so far from the population centers as to make them useless. This is well documented. They dug their own grave on this matter and I agree they need a thorough review, which is what Congreso is doing

I happen to agree 100% with his use of the military to punish corrupt corporations and their owners by using them for building his public projects. Though I'm not thrilled about what he's doing to the jungle in the Yucatán peninsula, his projects are being completed on time instead of being drowned in legal morass by his detractors who want him to fail, something similar to what is undermining Biden's administration (i.e. corporations enjoying the highest profits in 50 years while the dumbed down voters blame Biden for inflation and the price of gasoline).

It sounds like you're getting your news from media funded by his opponents.

What do poor Mexicans in prison have to do with the INE? That a judicial problem, and that's a different reform being worked on.

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