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According to Guerrero's health officials, Zihuatanejo continues with 1 confirmed currently active case of Covid-19. The neighboring municipio of Coyuca de Catalán also registers 1 case as does Benito Juárez. Acapulco currently registers 79 confirmed active cases while the entire state registers 92 cases.

The turistas autobuseros again were abundant in Zihuatanejo, overwhelming the abilities of the water taxis that quite obviously took too many of them to Playa Las Gatas today because they were still bring back overloaded pangas well past dark even though most pangas have no navigation lights. It was quite chaotic at the pier, and I could only wonder what excuse the Capitanía del Puerto has for their irresponsible absence from anything remotely resembling the application, vigilance and overseeing of safe maritime practices in Zihuatanejo Bay. I hope it won't take a terrible accident before the light clicks on and they realize how negligently they've been shirking their duties.

This morning's parade was one of the longest, lasting from 8am to almost noon. Too much noise. Too many people, especially family members that march alongside their "little angels" ruining the view for folks trying to watch and take photos, adding to the chaos. And sadly, too many marchers who obviously were either already worn out before they even reached the halfway mark or they simply hadn't practiced. But as always, the charros were much appreciated. At least most of them stuck to the theme of the Revolución Mexicana.

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¡Cuidemos nuestro patrimonio!

A group of cyclists from Moroleón, Guanajuato who had just crossed the finish line of a race they were in. The lighting was terrible, but I thought the scene was a memorable one. Hope you like it.

Just curious, are bicycles allowed on beaches? They seem to cause a lot more damage than people or dogs do.

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