Fresh Fish (Not)

by FrozenNoMás @, Thursday, May 04, 2023, 10:01 (150 days ago)

We’ve been here 5 days now, 2 weeks to go. It’s been quiet, the weather has been great, and the smiles on the locals’ faces remain as beautiful as ever.

However, I’m running into a problem and looking for input. On 3 separate evenings we’ve been to “nice” restaurants (I don’t want to name them here, but think the level below Amuleto, Tentaciones, etc., in terms of ambiance and pricing). We’ve had many great meals at these restaurants in the past during high season.

On these 3 nights at issue I’ve ordered mahi-mahi. I always ask “what is the freshest fish tonight and was it caught today?”, etc. Each time I was assured it was caught that day, it’s the “catch of the day”, etc.. And each time it was “chewy” and not fresh-flavored. I know my way around food, and have made about 25 trips to Zihua, so I trust myself on this.

Last night I set my plate aside and the owner asked about it. I told him it was too chewy for me to eat and didn’t taste fresh. He tried to say the texture might be because in the preparation I had ordered it was steamed.

I get it…it’s quiet now…not many customers…some restaurants have closed…the ones that remain open are not turning over their food supplies very frequently and perhaps can’t afford to bring in fresh fish every morning.

Anyway, just looking for advice if anybody has any. I’m here to eat fresh fish. I’m asking very deliberately before ordering. And it isn’t working.

Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

It is another spectacularly beautiful morning here! :brilliant:

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