A cautionary tale

by Sens, Sunday, January 23, 2011, 13:39 (4698 days ago) @ anneh

Been to Myrtle Beach any many other tourist beach areas many times and have never felt comfortable walking of the beaten track at night . Is Z any different than any other beach /tourist area that is not gated ? Going to Z for three weeks. I have not read any where that it is dangerous to walk in down town at night (early). This site and others say to take taxi when leaving bar/ res. to be safe just like I do in most American cities . Is there a police prescence walking/ driving at night at all in Z . I would be very concerned if robberies were in the day and at night with lots of people around . I take it that the streets after eight must be really quite with few people walking . The first time going down and realize that mexico tourism is going threw a tough time for many reasons .Z seemed to be a an area that has avoided most of the trouble . Seemed to be getting mixed messages on this site about safety . As I said earlier is any different in Z than in other similar destinations .I feel very sorry for couple who was robbed. Thank heavens no one was hurt and children were not their. I know it would ruin my trip .

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