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by Sens, Sunday, January 23, 2011, 19:39 (4697 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

ZROB 1120 hits on thread, people are concerned. If this is happening on a regular basis there is a huge problem for a tourist area . Is there really no people on la ropa beach in the evening or the streets at night (8 to 11 ). More people around the safer people feel . Not all problems are reported in any tourist area (Myrtle beach has its fair share of crime) I convinced a few couples to come down and hope they are no reading this site . If they are I'm afraid I will be out a lot of money(flights ,condo). It is one thing to read about the drug crime but when there are crimes in a tourist area and little is being done about it is a concern for tourists . It seems the regulars who come here have different points of views from common sense approach to "no worries " . If cabs are needed at night it should be included in all tourist info in bold letters . In most down town tourist ares there is always greater police presence . It's hard to believe it's not in Z if crime is an on going problem . That being said if it is only a couple a year it is probably way down the list of dangerous tourist areas.

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