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Guerrero's health officials confirm 7 currently active cases of Covid-19 in Zihuatanejo, 106 in Acapulco, and 352 for the entire state. It's my understanding that no booster shots are currently forthcoming. I had stated in another post that I thought there might be.

We made a few sales to the tourists on the cruise ship. A shame it's the only cruise ship coming until July. I know our fellow merchants downtown appreciated their business, as did many taxi drivers and tour guides. But this is another part of our tourism industry in which too many high-paid folks on government payrolls have simply dropped the ball. From what we saw it looked like everyone was enjoying what they found here. Locals were very polite offering information and directions to the folks wandering around. Even Lupita got in on the act. Our inland visitors going to Las Gatas and back really got a kick out of going past the cruise ship. Gazillions of photos and videos are circulating on the social media.

Our visitors sure got their money's worth again today. Sunshine, blue skies, warm temps, a light breeze. Another picture-postcard perfect day in paradise. We are ever so fortunate!

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EmbarcaZIHones Grandes y Pequeñas

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Did the Taxi's rip the cruise people off too?