While Zih Amazon Burns

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, August 23, 2019, 11:30 (623 days ago)

While criminally greedy interests cheer on the flames in the Amazon, and while the U.S. president commits Crimes Against Humanity yet proclaims himself king of the Jews, Mexico's shortcomings seem to pale by comparison as we continue confronting and tackling our historical problems. I thank my lucky stars each day that I wake up in this beautiful place, one more day in paradise with the love of my life with whom every single day has been the absolute best day of my life. If these are humanity's final days, I'm right where I want to be among the people I want to be with.

In case anyone was wondering why Calle Ejido has been closed for the past couple of days, it's because of a velorio for a beloved son of the community who was gunned down a couple of days ago not by organized criminals but by greedy bastards trying to take over the Ejido de Zihuatanejo over which he presided. But far from striking fear into our hearts, the greedy bastards united us and strengthened our resolve to see the responsible people brought to justice one way or another.

Also, the newly formed Guardia Nacional finally arrived to Zihuatanejo. Patrols and roadblocks have been stepped up, and that light at the end of the tunnel just got much closer and brighter.

School starts next Monday for most children across Mexico. Although it's supposed to be illegal for schools to charge an inscription fee, parents everywhere are complaining that they are indeed being charged inscription fees, usually amonting to several hundred pesos, which after all the costs parents have had for clothing and supplies is the gota que derrama el vaso. Schools are supposed to justify their expenses in their requests to the government for funding, so these inscription fees are now less justifiable than ever before.

There appears to be a last-minute rush of tourists taking advantage of our excellent weather just as many lodgings are lowering their rates for the slow season. Even though by all accounts this summer season has been slower than last year, local comerciantes and service workers still show their appreciation and gratitude, making our visitors feel warmly welcomed and at home, a trademark of Zihuatanejo and the surrounding region. ¡Viva!

This morning at the zócalo.

With the lack of rains the bay has remained extremely clean for the summer vacationers who have been able to swim at our downtown beach without any worries of pollution. Truly a welcome sight.

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