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The response that the Republicans were somehow more willing to accept the election of Obama seems patently disingenuous to me for a couple of reasons.

1. The entire conversation about whether Obama was really born in the United States was a blatant rejection of Obama as a legitimate person to hold the office. If the birtherism movement had been a small fringe element of the Republican party I might be able to hear you about that point. But it was a large element of the party including the current occupant of the Oval office. It was an argument that only gained traction because of racism. If you don't think so note how the argument didn't catch on as well when applied to Senator Ted Cruz. I think both instances were ridiculous but the claims against Obama gained more traction due to the color of his skin.

2. The Republican party as directed by Moscow Mitch made it clear from the outset of Obama's presidency that they would oppose any agenda Obama put forward regardless of the merit of it. Their sole aim was to prevent his re-election, and that is in his words.

3. The grounds for not accepting Trump's election are far firmer. He didn't win the popular vote. While that is how the current law is set up and therefore his election is legitimate, it makes far harder to accept that his election represents the will of the people.

I would like to think that we who are U.S. citizens agree on a lot more than we disagree on, racism is one that I think is a core disagreement that I am unwilling to compromise on. There are unfortunately enough people who are either blatantly racist (i.e.think that brown skinned human beings are somehow inferior to lighter skinned human beings) or are so used to their privilege that they are unwilling to stand up for them. I believe in the aspirations of the founders who believed that all humans have inalienable rights regardless of the heritage. I am proud of the times that the U.S. has got that right and I am well aware of the many times that it has failed to do that. The current political climate that is attempting to vilify immigrants from s***hole countries (i.e. humans of brown skin) and want immigration from European countries (i.e. lighter skinned humans) is an instance that I think we are getting it wrong.
The U.S. isn't great because it has the best military in the world, or the biggest economy or even the best people. It has been great in the past because it espoused an ideal that brought many people out of poverty and gave opportunity to those who didn't have it before. The U.S. is quickly losing that because it has stopped progressing towards the ideal that all humans are equal and instead is embracing an ideal that says some few people deserve to be where they are because of their heritage. There are some lessons for us to learn from other countries in that regard.

Ok, stepping down off my soapbox for now.:deadhorse: :stirpot:

Humberto Romero

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