While Zih Amazon Burns

by Bill Fun, Friday, August 30, 2019, 10:02 (616 days ago) @ hromero

We could have a discussion all day long on which side poisoned-the-well on bi-partisanship in Washington since both sides are to blame. Some would argue that it really took off after Obama/the Democrats rammed through the Affordable-Care-Act in 2010 without any compromises or serious discussions in areas such as liability reform, increasing market forces, etc. In fact the Democrats didn’t even hold a final vote on it but used a parliamentary procedure to finally pass it so as not force their members in swing districts in voting for the final bill.

This was truly unprecedented for a major piece of legislation that affect every US citizen and was in contrast to other similar major ones such as the Social Security act in the 30s which had bi-partisan support and contained compromises.

I think continuing to say one side or the other is totally to blame for this sad situation or to resort to name-calling anyone that has a different opinion only further divides the nation. Finally to suggest that we should have “open borders” is not well supported and that most countries in the world have highly restrictive immigration policies (much greater than the US) for a variety of reasons.

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