by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, August 30, 2019, 11:26 (616 days ago) @ Bill Fun

Gee, Bill, maybe if your Republican brethren were honorable men of their word instead of backstabbing renegers on their promises and outright RACISTS you might have an argument. But you can go back and check the record, because I recall the process in detail. What President Obama wanted, while he was also busy rescuing the failed economy he inherited, was a way to bring out of control skyrocketing health care costs down that included protections for pre-existing conditions AND a public option for the lesser affluent, but Republicans conditioned their support on dropping the public option and modeling the ACA on RomneyCare, and as we all know except for you who has apparently forgotten, the Republicans decided at the last minute before the vote that NO Republican would vote in favor of the bill and that no matter what they would oppose any and all legislation President Obama wanted. So to salvage ACA after the Republicans reneged on their promise and on their Constitutional duty, the procedure you described was used. Oh, my!

So if THAT was indignant to you, what DO you call 8 years of outright OBSTRUCTIONISM and especially NOT EVEN ALLOWING A VOTE for over a year on President Obama’s pick for a Supreme Court Justice?

And where is your indignation over having a lying lawbreaking racist who inspires acts of terrorism against Mexicans and other minorities who by all appearances not only is a fascist authoritarian calling for violence against the free press but who has nothing but insults for everyone except people who kiss his ass, and who refuses to say one negative word about Putin? Laughing in the Oval Office with Russia’s top U.S. spy over firing the FBI Director Comey. He sure acts like a Russian asset if not a full-fledged agent.

You’ll just have to excuse me for calling out your phony argument and overwhelming hypocrisy. The facts and the events speak for themselves. Since Nixon’s humiliation Republicans sought revenge. The defining moment they want us all to forget is when they made a deal with the Iranian hostage takers to give them arms BANNED BY U.S. LAW in exchange for NOT RELEASING THE HOSTAGES UNTIL AFTER RONALD REAGAN WAS SWORN IN. Iran-Contra ring a bell? From that point forward the Republican Party became and has continued to act like the TRAITORS they are. And that is exactly how you deserve to be treated. Forget the Dems, they have their own devils, but they pale in comparison.

Anyone supporting The Chump at this point has no excuses.

And I don’t care to see any more such drivel here.

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