Who's Burning The Amazon

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, August 30, 2019, 18:26 (615 days ago) @ Bill Fun

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to reply.

The original comment I was responding to seems to infer this in the last paragraph. In addition a number of Democratic candidates are strongly pushing to elimination ICE, which results in a "defacto" open border situation.

Oh, so you've simply ignored everything discussed above and now jumped on to something else entirely.


We've seen this before and it didn't end well.

You wouldn't even be thinking about the borders or brown-skinned undocumented people if you didn't allow yourself to be manipulated by SLIMEBAG politicians who do NOT have your or the nation's best interests at heart. Grow a pair, Bill.

And without the meddling and failed policies of the U.S. government, tens of thousands of people from Mexico, Central and South America, would NOT be fleeing their homes for the U.S. border. The folks who come there to work would return to their homes if you hadn't militarized the border. READ THE PRINCETON REPORT. It agrees with something I've been saying since the 90's.

Imagine if Mexico sent its secret police and military forces into the USA to take out people it considered a threat. You can't even imagine it, can you? But that's exactly what the USA has been doing for decades in Latin American nations and around the world. The results have predictably been disastrous, but most U.S. citizens turn a blind eye to it if they're even aware of it.

While you're worrying about brown-skinned foreigners, extremely wealthy people and corporations are usurping your government and crazy white racists are planning the next terrorist attack. The threat to your "way of life" isn't the poor brown-skinned people seeking to work, Bill. It's your unbridled greed-driven capitalist system itself. Something political scientists (and even Dr. Stephen Hawking) have been trying to tell you for generations.

Want to know who you should be fearing? Here's a hint (and it's just the tip of the iceberg):
The Companies Behind the Burning of the Amazon

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