Who's Burning The Amazon

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, August 31, 2019, 10:05 (615 days ago) @ Bill Fun

Getting back to my original post about 4 back - I was very surprised that I was subject to one of Rob's signature anti-Trump rants since my post wasn't about Trump but was in response to Mr. Hromero posts. It deal with the grid-lock over the last 10 years in Washington where one party is more interested in blame the other rather than what is best for the country and secondly, on what I construed as push to have open borders.

JMFC, Bill. You didn't read a damn thing ANYONE said. You just overlaid your myopic prejudice based on erroneous misconceptions of rewritten history, layer upon layer.

I replied DIRECTLY to your comments but apparently you have a severe reading comprehension issue. Either deal with what's been said in direct reply to your comments or your posts will simply be deleted.

Gridlock because Moscow Mitch and his clan are no longer representing We The People. It's all there in my reply to you. Did I use too many big words or abstract concepts? Do you need the For Dummies version?

How about the fact that Republicans are and have been acting like TRAITORS? Just brush it off? Too far-fetched for you? Except the proof is in their actions. Moscow Mitch refuses to pass election security measures that Special Counsel Robert Mueller emphasized over and over in his report and testimony before Congress where the only thing Republicans did was try to discredit him. TRAITORS, Bill. You are party to TREASON if you continue defending what the Republican Party has evolved into. The Chump ignores the recommendations of the nation's entire intelligence services and publicly humiliated the entire country, especially in Reykjavik and later in Kyoto.

Sorry, Bill, but no one wants to work with Russian agents in the Republican Party in Congress. Or a Russian agent in the Oval Office.

The entire world is laughing at you and extremely concerned with what has happened to the U.S. government, and you want to discuss "gridlock". It's not gridlock, it's dysfunction as part of the Russian strategy to undermine the U.S. government and weaken the nation.

Besides the Russian oligarchs financing The Chump and Moscow Mitch to subvert the U.S. government, another super rich "financier" is up to his ears in also manipulating Moscow Mitch and The Chump as well as standing to benefit from the establishment of new farmlands in the Amazon. Educate yourself, old son.


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