Pandemia Pandemonium in Zih

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, April 15, 2020, 12:02 (1328 days ago)

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Tattooed jerk gringo who sounds just like Jesse Pink from Breaking Bad (and apparently strung out in the Outer Limits on something) in the street in front of our home screaming at 1:30 this morning "f*ck you f*ck you motherf*ucking Pepe motherf*cker f*ck you f*ck you get back here goddamn motherf*ucking motherf*cker...!!!" Over and over. Apparently some elderly gringo hanging out with tattooed jerk has adopted one of the beach dogs that chases motorcycles, and that's what happened last night as these two idiots were going who cares where while everyone was asleep. And of course when he caught the dog he kicked it which prompted a loud response from me, but I think he thought the booming voice he heard was his conscience because he didn't react directly, instead he calmed down and started telling the dog he loved it. If anyone knows him tell him he needs to LEAVE before he gets himself hurt or worse.

Be aware that Zihuatanejo's Hospital General has been designated as the regional receiving hospital for Covid-19 cases, meaning anyone suspected of having the virus or of coming in contact with anyone who has the virus will be put into isolation there until they either get tested and come out negative or until they no longer have the virus. The state and municipal governments have been working to prepare this hospital for what's to come. Private hospitals around the country are also working with the government to offer bedspace and facilities under the umbrella of the federal government's universal healthcare plan.

Still no local cases of Covid-19 have been reported or diagnosed, but local authorities are awaiting test results of a patient admitted to our Hospital General a couple of days ago from Petatlán.

Please, be careful with chismes. The only official source we are interested in here in Mexico is our Secretaría de Salud.




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