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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, May 02, 2020, 10:38 (369 days ago) @ Canada Pete

When the Presedente was built, next to the krystal there was a river that ran from the swamp between the two, I would often throw chickens to the crocs in those days, watched people catch them, skin them and butcher them as well.

No river ever existed there. The arroyo from Posquelite runs to Laguna del Negro and Rió Ixtapa. Ixtapa was a huerta de cocos and a pantano. Much of that land once belonged to my wife's family before the Leyva family acquired it. The Ejido de Zihuatanejo never was paid for land it had stolen from them to build much of Ixtapa. The small lakes there are man made (my wife actually helped there, too). You should NEVER feed saurians because it makes them a danger to humans by teaching them we are a food source. Get caught doing that in Florida and you'll pay a hefty fine and likely be made to watch the gator be put to death. I wouldn't doubt you collaborated with poachers for the skins.

There was no marina, just a jungle across the street. Was pretty common to see iguanas in the trees , street and on the sides of the hotels back then as well.
Beach vendors would sell them on a stick back then, taste like chicken.

Beach vendors sell anything they can to gullible tourists everywhere, just like they used to do with the "devil rays" in Florida, dried out carcasses of the baby rays that looked like a demon.

Back then it wasn't all that uncommon to come across a turtle carcass that had its top popped off and butchered, or to see people out collecting the eggs. A lot of those turtle shells were sold off until other countries made it illegal to bring them back.

Actually, Playa Contramar in Zihuatanejo Bay was where local fishermen would dump turtle shells after catching them at sea and butchering them on the way in. They dumped them there because the practice was already in decline and frowned upon by many locals.

But it wasn't hotel or construction workers killing them, as you claimed, though many would buy the eggs to eat because they fell for the lie that they're an aphrodisiac.

Ixtapa Island had about a dozen lounge chairs and 1 pit toilet, the coral was still alive back then and you could make the fish boil by feeding them

A practice that is harmful to the fish and is supposed to be banned.

Would be nice to see some of your pictures when those were the only two high rises there.

I never carried a camera with me the times I walked to Ixtapa back when it was being built.

Back then there were no helicopters in Guzman Bay either, I think there's a hotel there now or something, but who knows, I dont get close enough to see it.

I can't find Guzman Bay on any map. Never heard of it. Are there whirlybirds there now?

Sorry in advance if that doesnt fit your narrative. But it's what it was. Of course, that was before the tourist industry needed 70,000 more workers.

I'm not the one making up stories here.

It was common back then to kill 3-5 bill fish a day in a super panga, there was not catch and release back then. They were commercial fisherman taking out a tourist, nothing was let go.

Greed, glutton and excess are undesirable traits everywhere. We still have a few fishermen breaking the laws here, but most everyone else condemns such practices especially including the local fishing boats that take tourists out. Not surprised to see you brag about it.

But as I have learned all so well, you can can never really go back home for it no longer exists.


Yep, once humans destroy the beauty and balance of nature that's pretty much it.

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