by mexicoman @, Playa Del Carmen, Saturday, May 02, 2020, 18:17 (381 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Just received a follow up phone call from Soriana, repeating the senior and other hours of 9 to 11 am, thanked us for being Soriana shoppers and to keep this number in case there is ever any other problem.

When in doubt, contact corporate!

Personally I never doubted that Soriana would get this right, just as I had no doubt the policy was being incorrectly applied. It only took them a couple of days to work out the wrinkles. What I would have preferred was that they didn’t hear from a bunch of foreigners distracting them and requiring extra time on their part. Maybe you helped correct a problem, maybe you added to it, I don’t know. But with the way the current U.S. president behaves towards Mexicans, people who look like gringos need to be more diplomatic, let’s call it. Not complain or tell Mexicans how to do things or how you do it back home.

I’ll be the first to speak up for ANY AND ALL of you if I think you’re being taken advantage of or abused, but I just didn’t see that here. Time passes differently for folks here than it does where everyone else discussing this is from, especially to launch a phone campaign of complaints from dozens of foreigners (and their wives) the first day a local franchise of a nationwide chain tries to implement a new health policy during times that are already quite challenging personally and professionally for these same people. But they fixed it in a day, so it’s all moot. Kept idle minds busy.

There ya go. :thumb:


Rob, my wife didn't call to complain, just to ask politely (in Spanish) if there was a new policy restricting us from shopping there as were had been told. If others called to complain you can include them in your version of reality here.

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