All ok at Mega

by Ironwood @, Sunday, May 03, 2020, 14:12 (369 days ago) @ marshasg1

Soriana advised folks who contacted them that Seniors could go in between 9 and 11. However, in a follow up call to Talley Ho, they said Seniors could go any time with a mask.

I went today, Sunday at 8:30am. No problem at all. And they were even giving masks to those who did not have them, although most folks did.

I sent Soriana a thank you for their attention to our concerns. I know Talley Ho did also. MIght be a good idea for others who would have been hurt by the prior policy to send their appreciation. In Spanish, of course!

Mexico is clearly ahead of us here in the frozen north, at least when it comes to masks. Can't buy one anywhere. I expect that some or all stores will soon require that customers wear masks. Hope they're prepared to hand them out, 'cuz the homemade varieties don't cut it.
I stand corrected: one of our "dollar stores" is selling them, 50 to a box, for $50....and no, you can't purchase in smaller quantities......and at a buck apiece, I don't imagine they're "N95s"

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