Cinco de Mayo

by Ironwood @, Tuesday, May 05, 2020, 18:50 (414 days ago) @ zulualpha

Well, now, let´s see. How can we make this political?

May 5th celebrates the victory of the Mexican Army over the French Army in a single battle, in a war that Mexico subsequently lost.

I´d bet 50 pesos that most Mexicans don´t know those two facts -- battle won, war lost. Nor do they understand what the French were doing in Mexico in the first place.

It´s not that Mexicans weren´t taught their history. It´s more that they are indifferent to remembering it; they are complacent.

In the same way, Americans pay little attention to their history. So they keep screwing up, at home, and abroad. They blew up Vietnam to no purpose. Ditto Iraq. They scrap over the idea of universal health care, while flunking out in math and science (Pew Research). They thought political ideology -- faith -- could stare down the corona virus. Who´s winning that war?

It goes on....

There, we tried to get politics into your post. How´d we do?

Author Paul Theroux, writing in "The Old Patagonian Express", might offer some insight into why Mexico doesn't celebrate a military victory:

"I walked a mile to the Castle of San Juan de Ulua……The castle contains a permanent exhibit of Veracruz’s past – a pictorial record of invasions, punitive missions, and local military defeats. It was that most Mexican of enthusiasms – humiliation as history. If the engravings and old photographs showed how cynical and aggressive other countries – but mainly the United States – had been toward Mexico, the prominence of the exhibit in Veracruz invited the Mexican to a morning of wound licking and self-contempt. Veracruz is known as “the heroic city.” It is a poignant description: in Mexico a hero is nearly always a corpse.”

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