Los Americanos

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But we do try to push democracy over communism which isn’t all bad.

It's not a stark dichotomy - democracy vs communism. (Someday we'll talk about the false comparison - democracy being a political system while communism is essentially an economic system. But not today.) There are a lot of gray areas in between. Mostly, when we're not coddling bloodthirsty dictators, we push for (or impose) a faux democracy that installs a useful puppet and keeps the rubes quiet (Iraq! Purple thumbs!). But in the end it's designed solely to benefit our own narrow interests and not that of the locals.

In the fifties and sixties we talked a lot about foreign self-determination. We may have even believed it then. But you don't hear that anymore, and that's bipartisan.

And while we're here, I might as well mention this: We talk a lot about fighting, not to defend our country, but to 'protect our interests'. But what are our interests? We never really define them. And are those interests worth going to war over? Or even legal and ethical? We don't talk about that either. We just nod sagely and move on, pretending to understand while not having a clue. That's bipartisan too.

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