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But we do try to push democracy over communism which isn’t all bad.

It's not a stark dichotomy - democracy vs communism. (Someday we'll talk about the false comparison - democracy being a political system while communism is essentially an economic system. But not today.) There are a lot of gray areas in between. Mostly, when we're not coddling bloodthirsty dictators, we push for (or impose) a faux democracy that installs a useful puppet and keeps the rubes quiet (Iraq! Purple thumbs!). But in the end it's designed solely to benefit our own narrow interests and not that of the locals.

In the fifties and sixties we talked a lot about foreign self-determination. We may have even believed it then. But you don't hear that anymore, and that's bipartisan.

And while we're here, I might as well mention this: We talk a lot about fighting, not to defend our country, but to 'protect our interests'. But what are our interests? We never really define them. And are those interests worth going to war over? Or even legal and ethical? We don't talk about that either. We just nod sagely and move on, pretending to understand while not having a clue. That's bipartisan too.

The truths you and I post here fall on deaf Chumplet "Murka-right-or-wrong" ears. People who buy into "Manifest Destiny" and "Murken Exceptionalism". Look at how so many U.S. citizens are simply viewing with trepidation if not outright scorn and racism the world's downtrodden seeking a better life, fleeing violence, in large part caused by U.S. actions. And we've seen more than once here from otherwise mild-mannered folks comments about the hordes of undesirables (aka darker-skinned non-English speakers) waiting to cross the "open border" and steal U.S. jobs and otherwise tarnish their "grand society". Pure BS for starters, and how convenient that these so-called caravans time their presence to coincide with U.S. elections. Uncanny. Especially considering we never had such a phenomenon here in Mexico previously. But we have had at least four unprovoked and unjustified invasions by the USA in the past two centuries, including one that resulted in the theft of half of Mexico's territory. In spite of that, Mexicans forgive but don't forget. The U.S. government time and time again behaves in ways that its own people would consider intolerable and unacceptable were any other nation to treat the USA the same way. And that, boys and girls, is not a great nation, it's the epitome of hypocrisy.

As has also been pointed out, for years the people of other nations including Mexicans have distinguished between bad U.S. governments and good U.S. people, but with the election of Bush and now The Chump, the world has a harder time making that distinction because in most countries if their elected leader behaved the way The Chump does, the reaction would be what you saw in Puerto Rico last year: the White House would be surrounded daily with protesting patriots, not armed white supremacists, demanding the resignation of the offensive elected official. But not the USA. Not the former so-called bastion of freedom and democracy. The Chump didn't "Make America Great Again". It was much greater before he ever came along. He represents its worst failing ever, and his opposition is a woman-fondling doddering senior fool without a policy or a notable achievement of his own, lucky if he can remember what day it is. A shame more of the USA's citizens don't see where this is going. "Vote blue no matter who" was always the DNC's mantra, and they never had any intention of allowing it to apply to Bernie.

I'm not optimistic about the fate of my birth nation. Bernie and the Progressive movement tried hard to bring the USA into the 21st century, but the decades of intentional dumbing down, and the current intentional sabotage-for-profit of the remaining federal institutions coupled with the mega-corporate takeover of the media pretty much ensures that the USA's future will be right out of one of those dystopian movies Hollywood produces with such proficiency. Your future will inevitably waver somewhere between Mad Max, Soylent Green and Hunger Games at the rate you're going with the plutocrats only solidifying their control of the nation.

So I encourage those who truly care, to help change that dystopian future instead of helping to bring it about. But first you have to wake up from the Matrix, if you can.

Symptoms of a much larger problem.

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