Los Gringos

by zulualpha, Friday, May 08, 2020, 11:30 (364 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

"Murkins" as a people, a society, an economic system have exhibited many positive attributes; learning from other countries and cultures is not one of them. Not picking up on the "progressive" idea of universal health care is a good example.

Canada, in so many ways a clone of Murkin consumerist culture, had the good sense to adopt universal health care as an idea-come-reality well over half a century ago.

Bernie Sanders would be a perfect fit today in Canada´s progressive movement (as represented by the New Democratic Party - NDP). Few of his ideas would be considered "radical" north of the 49th parallel. But take note: at the Federal level, Canada has never elected a full-fledged, NDP-progressive government.

So how can we imagine that Sanders ever had a realistic crack at Federal power in the redneck-inclined USA? It was never going to happen.

Will Bernie supporters, in a puerile pout, "stay home" and not vote for Biden next November 3rd, at the risk of repeating the 2016 "error," when they stayed home rather than vote for Hillary?

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