Los Gringos

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, May 08, 2020, 16:46 (364 days ago) @ zulualpha

If your tirade is in any way relevant, please answer the following:

Oh, well if we’re starting with a rude irrelevant misconception as a premise I doubt anything I say really matters to you because it certainly won’t to me.

Why did Bernie Sanders come out in support of Biden´s candidacy, in a very public statement, given April 13th?

Really? It’s not obvious? He’s a politician. It’s the job description. It’s the agreement he had to make to be allowed to run as a Democrat candidate. He’s willing to make that sacrifice to his image in front of shallow puritanical ideological fundamentalists for the greater good because it isn’t important. The end justifies the means when the partidocracy has usurped the free will of We The People by removing one of the most fundamental prerequisites for a successful democracy: an educated electorate.

Do you not think Sanders expects his supporters (even the puritanical ideological fundamentalists amongst them) to hold their nose and do the same?

Nope. No sane rational person with an understanding of the sociological makeup of any electorate would expect motivated voters to act against their interests and principles. The groupies and sleepwalkers are a different story. They’ll do whatever to please their rock star. This is yet another instance of the DNC selling out the true believers in their party to preserve their own interests. Enough voters simply won’t be motivated for Dems to win as they normally would when they believe in their nominee. It’ll be a much closer election than it should be, unless Biden steps aside or otherwise relinquishes the nomination and it goes to Bernie, then it will be Bernie by a landslide.

Time seems to be running out. The shadow of lawless, US authoritarianism lengthens, as evidenced by Flynn´s release yesterday. Best to put the lid on 1960´s soap-box enthusiasms, like use of the word "plutocracy." It just doesn´t connect.

Voter-shaming people for their education is never a winning argument. You disappoint me.

Back to siesta. ¡Ciao!

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