Los Gringos-the presidency doesn’t matter

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, May 09, 2020, 09:16 (363 days ago) @ Timmac

The most important thing that needs to happen in the upcoming election is to flip the Senate. It doesn’t really matter which democrat wins as long as Mitch controls the Senate, nothing is going to change. It doesn’t really matter if Joe or Bernie or Hillary wins if the Senate stays red. If Trump were somehow to win, a blue senate would stop him from doing most of what he wants to do.

Agree 1000%

While Mexico's elections have been steadily improving over the years, and the results show it, responding to the clamors of the Mexican people, the U.S. election process has not. It is no longer responsive or even trustworthy as a process. We saw the Georgia Supervisor of Election cheat to win the governorship over Stacy Abrams AND GET AWAY WITH IT without a hitch. Not much different than what we saw Jeb do for his bro in Florida's infamous presidential elections, only more efficiently. That the Republicans keep getting away with cheating is not surprising since it's the only way they win most elections, but to have everyone else basically act deaf, dumb and blind and not call it out means the rest of the country no longer pays close enough attention and like Melania they just don't care.

As I stated before in another discussion here, Mexico's election process has been used as a model in other nations. You saw indications of this with the photos of people showing their blue thumbs in Afghanistan and Iraq.

One area in which many Mexicans wish to see an improvement is in the executive elections. We hope to see changes so that those elections must be won by an absolute majority as in other Latin American nations. This helps forge coalitions among larger and smaller parties (not unlike a parliamentary system) but also helps legitimize the winner so that he or she doesn't represent only a simple majority between competing parties. For example, an executive can't claim to have a mandate if they only win 34% of the vote, and their proposals can easily be sabotaged by a belligerent Congress.

I grew up among people who fought hard and gave their all to build an honest and representative Democratic Party. They would be ashamed to see what's become of it. I also grew up with people who made sure the Republican Party had a decent and ethical value system. They would also be appalled at what's become of their party. Neither were enemies of the other, they simply had different approaches to running a government, but always with an eye towards honesty and transparency.

After Nixon the GOP became a party of bitter revenge-seeking hypocrites. But the failed actor they got elected managed to fool enough people that they got away with laying the groundwork for the multiple attacks on democracy coming from their own party today, while the Dems simply became complacent and allowed plutocrats to take over their own party so that they both became unrepresentative, unresponsive and beholding to no one but their donors, which thanks to Citizens United now includes multi-billionaires and corporations from China, Russia and the Middle east, among others. Good luck cleaning out that festering wound, USA.

#MoscowMitch and The Chump have been busy putting the final touches on a major stroke of the GOP's master plan: stacking the courts. You got a tiny tidbit of a taste of that this week with sycophant Billy Barr dropping charges against a confessed federal offender who peddled his influence to the highest bidder and lied about it to federal authorities. When the Justice Department becomes a political tool for the executive to reward and punish loyalists and opponents at his or her behest regardless of what the law says, freedom loving patriots and citizens should get very worried.

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