Carol's Beans & Rice update

by lorenzo @, Monday, May 11, 2020, 14:49 (361 days ago)

Thanks to your compassion and kind hearts, Carol’s Beans & Rice program is providing despensas for 750 needy unemployed families. Each despensa is calculated to provide basic nutrition to a family of four for two weeks. We are also providing weekly food donations valued at $2500. pesos to each of two community kitchens that are feeding approximately 500 families daily.

Our Mexican community is enthusiastically pitching in to help. A dozen local volunteers are handling distribution and delivery. We have established committees in several colonias to identify the families most in need. They provide us with a list of names. El Plateado, our building materials supplier, has volunteered trucks and drivers to aid in deliveries. We ensure that all distribution/delivery volunteers have reusable face masks and clear plastic face shields.

Merza, our community-spirited grocery store, is providing all our nutritional supplies at wholesale prices, about a 25% discount. Merza employees prepare the individual food baskets, each ready for distribution to the families. Merza’s wonderful participation has permitted us to increase the number of families to whom we may provide much-needed assistance.

In addition to your individual generous donations, we have received three matching grant challenges; one for $10,000.usd, and two for $5,000.usd each. All three matching grants were fully subscribed by new donors within 48 hours. One matching grant was from a California woman, unknown to us, who has vacationed in Zihuatanejo. She searched the Internet for a respected trustworthy food bank to which she could donate. We are very grateful she discovered Por Los Ninos. We anticipate another matching grant of $1,000.usd this week.

With the donations in hand, we anticipate contributing despensas at the current level for another six weeks. Alas, the need will continue. Unemployment and hunger are likely to continue through the beginning of our Winter tourist season in mid-November. We are painfully aware of the potential for “donor fatigue”, and can only hope it doesn’t severely affect our abilities to help feed our neighbors during this horrible crisis.

From our hearts, and on behalf of our Zihua community, we sincerely thank each and every one of you for your caring contributions.

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