Carol's Beans & Rice update

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 09:06 (371 days ago) @ lorenzo

Carol's two-week despensa is valued at $400 pesos for a family of four. The city of Zihuatanejo weekly despensas are valued at approximately $130 pesos. We are focusing on the families out of El Centro. They often fall thru the food distribution cracks.

One of the people working with Carol scolded my wife when she told him she was helping people here in el Centro. He said the despensas were only for the people in the colonias in the partes altas where your organization and others unwittingly helped people to invade and settle our ecological zones, something you know I tried to warn against after we all got fooled by the Neza school. Yes, there are people in need here in el Centro, too, that no one is helping, wondering why they are overlooked for being law-abiding citizens while the folks on stolen lands in the partes altas get all the attention. It is certainly a difficult conundrum for many of us. I'm just happy to see anyone get assistance right now because the need is so great. All that other stuff has become moot but not forgotten.

Right now Carol's program is one of the most if not THE most important in our region. The assistance coming from any government organization is erratic, inadequate, and too often based on party affiliation, or at least that is the perception. Carol's Beans & Rice is a lifeline for the people she is reaching. The need is truly great if not already overwhelming. It will be interesting to see what remains of the community when the dust settles and we emerge from our refuges.

Apart from some cash assistance for the elderly and "cheap" loans to comerciantes, our federal government has been mostly absent from our lives apart from making us close our businesses. Some elected representatives on the federal level like our Senadora Nestora Salgado have been actively helping and trying to keep people fed, but the need is truly great and even our normally paternalistic political parties seem woefully inadequate. Our presidente municipal is dependent on our gobernador for support, and they are doing what they can, but absent federal assistance their response is greatly hampered. Thus the importance of what Carol is doing, and for which reason I hope no one is unintentionally omitted from receiving help because of their address.

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