Traveling to troncones

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, July 27, 2020, 17:01 (289 days ago) @ jaui

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At least for US we canceled our July/Aug visit to the area. I think it is WAY TOO EARLY to travel. It is just not the fact and getting off the plane there. It is THE ISSUE of all the contact getting there.

We hopefully are shooting for early December. I can not envision traveling in September right now.



@ "D" - Very sensible points.
I would add, the contact when "there" as well, unless one chooses to self-quarantine upon arrival, which wouldn't be much of a vacation.:vacation:

At this point, I myself also would not do or recommend to anyone ANY optional leisure/vacation type travelling.
From my perspective, I would suggest avoiding taking any unncessary risks. Not worth it, patience is the key.
In real estate it's "location, location, location."
In health care it's "prevention, prevention, prevention."
I am aware of others who are of the opinion that if one takes the recommended precautions, (which, YES, are preventative), the risks of getting infected are either minimal or non-existent. So be it.
People are free to choose on which side of the fence to encourage, advocate, and promote.

What a swell thing to post here. I can already sense the cancellations and hear the locals blaming me for allowing you to post such things here based on "feelings".

Before you delete your comment because of my criticism, why not try to defend your point of view based on something more than your "feelings".

Meanwhile the folks who are here sure appear to be enjoying themselves, especially the ones taking the simple but effective precautions as we will all likely to still be taking in a year's time.

Usually folks who live in a tourist community try to help promote its tourism, not sabotage it. Just sayin'...


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