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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 12:03 (292 days ago) @ hromero

This article lays out, using data, why I can't be on the same page as you regarding this topic.

Spanish New York Times article

This is another article that talks about excess deaths that highlights why the data being used to say we have peaked or not is probably not accurate.

Report on higher than expected deaths compared to prior years

That first article is an opinion hit piece and has no objective value whatsoever to me. I didn't bother to read it after the word OPINION and the by-line. Not even a doctor.

I don't judge Dr. López-Gatell's credibility or success according to the opinions of others. I judge by what I can hear and see and experience. Besides watching his daily briefing frequently, I try to keep up with news across Mexico via numerous sources, avoiding as much bias as possible. I don't put much credence in foreign news about Mexico's response to the Covid-19 pandemia, especially the NYTimes which helped drum up excitement and rationale for George W. Bush's war in Iraq.

The data may be flawed, as Dr. López-Gatell points out frequently, because it is coming from the states and municipios, and each one has its own criteria for gathering and reporting data. He's accused some states of not providing reliable data on purpose. Not his fault. He has to work with what he has. But neither he nor most people believe it is so flawed as to affect its validity. Unreported cases are to be expected. The same with the deaths. The purpose of the data is to either confirm a tendency or denote a different one. The methodology the SSA has been using from the start has been continuously tweaked and improved, but the primary goal of slowing down the spread of the pandemia was achieved. now the goal is to reduce the spread and the rate of transfer. That's not so much up to the doctor as it's up to the governors and presidentes municipales, as well as each one of us.

I'm not concerned if there were 15 or 20 new cases in a week, or whether there were 5 or 10 deaths in a week. Details in the data such as those are insignificant in the bigger picture, and may cause you to be unable to see the forest for the trees. I'm more concerned what our state's and community's responses are, if the people are behaving responsibly or not, and if the measures taken by the presidente municipal or the gobernador are adequate and effective.

I'm convinced Dr. Hugo López-Gatell is doing a commendable job, that he has helped save thousands of lives, and that he deserves our gratitude, not the ridicule, scorn and criticism coming at him mostly from agents of the PAN and the PRI.

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