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This article lays out, using data, why I can't be on the same page as you regarding this topic.

Spanish New York Times article

This is another article that talks about excess deaths that highlights why the data being used to say we have peaked or not is probably not accurate.

Report on higher than expected deaths compared to prior years

That first article is an opinion hit piece and has no objective value whatsoever to me. I didn't bother to read it after the word OPINION and the by-line. Not even a doctor.

I don't judge Dr. López-Gatell's credibility or success according to the opinions of others. I judge by what I can hear and see and experience. Besides watching his daily briefing frequently, I try to keep up with news across Mexico via numerous sources, avoiding as much bias as possible. I don't put much credence in foreign news about Mexico's response to the Covid-19 pandemia, especially the NYTimes which helped drum up excitement and rationale for George W. Bush's war in Iraq.

The data may be flawed, as Dr. López-Gatell points out frequently, because it is coming from the states and municipios, and each one has its own criteria for gathering and reporting data. He's accused some states of not providing reliable data on purpose. Not his fault. He has to work with what he has. But neither he nor most people believe it is so flawed as to affect its validity. Unreported cases are to be expected. The same with the deaths. The purpose of the data is to either confirm a tendency or denote a different one. The methodology the SSA has been using from the start has been continuously tweaked and improved, but the primary goal of slowing down the spread of the pandemia was achieved. now the goal is to reduce the spread and the rate of transfer. That's not so much up to the doctor as it's up to the governors and presidentes municipales, as well as each one of us.

I'm not concerned if there were 15 or 20 new cases in a week, or whether there were 5 or 10 deaths in a week. Details in the data such as those are insignificant in the bigger picture, and may cause you to be unable to see the forest for the trees. I'm more concerned what our state's and community's responses are, if the people are behaving responsibly or not, and if the measures taken by the presidente municipal or the gobernador are adequate and effective.

I'm convinced Dr. Hugo López-Gatell is doing a commendable job, that he has helped save thousands of lives, and that he deserves our gratitude, not the ridicule, scorn and criticism coming at him mostly from agents of the PAN and the PRI.

So because it is an opinion piece that may contradict your view point you won't even read it? Even though it has excellent links to studies and perspectives from medical professionals around the world? It is disappointing to me to see you write that. There are many medical professionals who have expressed concern and outright opposition to Dr. Hugo Lopez-Gatell's approach and I suspect that even he is not entirely comfortable with it but probably feels like he has to continue on due to the overall messaging from the administration. I agree that it isn't his fault that municipios aren't providing accurate data, but I would argue that it is his fault that he continues to use a modeling that depends on the accuracy of that data. It is his fault for not heeding the advice of medical experts around the world who have pointed out that the modeling doesn't work for Covid-19 because it doesn't behave the same way that previous Corona Viruses do. It is his fault for failing to advocate strongly for mask wearing despite messaging from his boss. It is his fault for proclaiming that the intensity of the virus is coming down when he is well aware that the data he is using is inaccurate.

If you think that a country that is the 11th most populous and has the 4th highest number of confirmed deaths (of what is confirmed, not actual) is commendable, then we have very different standards that has nothing to do with party affiliation. I too look around at my community to help inform me about what I read and I continue to be very concerned. My love of this country, and the people in it, is what leads me to want to advocate for something better. I have a business that is very much dependent on us doing a better job and I am very concerned that our leaders aren't changing course when new information comes available to turn the situation around.

We shall soon find out.

Because I am extremely busy working at the moment, no, I don't have the time or inclination to follow the links and read all the opinion piece. I glanced at it and saw the makings of a political hit piece going after the AMLO administration. But I am confident that if I did, I could also write a counter opinion piece in Spanish and cherry pick links to back up my point of view if I thought the argument being presented merited it. But with all due respect I don't find merit in your argument or the claims I've seen by other doctors for whatever reasons that criticize Dr. Hugo López-Gatell because I've seen none that didn't appear to have an ulterior motive, usually to diss Presidente López-Obrador because his administration poses threats to a political party or to specific economic interests. Let's remember, he is anti-neoliberal and anti-corruption, and that steps on the toes of a lot of greedy interests.

Please examine the motives of the writer of the NYT article. I doubt he just came up with the topic because he found it interesting. My dismissal of the article has nothing to do with my political beliefs. You assume me to be a fanatic that I'm not. Just my basic college training.

Like I said, I really couldn't care less what any doctor or anyone looking to get their name in the media thinks about Dr. Hugo López-Gatell or what he's accomplished. I repeat and stress again, the results speak for themselves and they are commendable.

And once again you make the erroneous comment about masks, which is otherwise insignificant except that it displays what I consider a flaw in your critical thinking. Dr. Hugo López-Gatell insisted on using masks since late February or early March, if I recall correctly. At no time to my knowledge did he equivocate or make excuses for the presidente whose flaws are his own, and never have I seen or heard him kowtow to any political interest whether from the presidente, Morena or the gobernadores. The very day the health contingency was officially declared I was in one of Guerrero's state-run hospitals in Acapulco and I saw the entire staff go instantly into health contingency mode. EVERYONE was wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer. That order came from the SSA, from Dr. Hugo López-Gatell. His modelling has worked well enough, regardless if it is or isn't the same modelling used by any other country. The man has clearly demonstrated that he DOES know what he's doing. The results speak for themselves.

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