EmanZIHpados en Un Paraíso

by hromero ⌂ @, Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 15:40 (292 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

I don't know if you meant it this way or not, but your claim that my interpretations "of being intentionally confusing and misleading" is offensive. First of all it is a claim on your part that you know my intentions and second of all you seem to be directly accusing me of trying to lie. I can tell you without reservation that neither of those are true. If you think that I have misunderstood something then please address those directly and don't pretend like you know my intentions. Whether you believe me or not, my intentions are to affect change with Mexico's current response and I don't share my perspective only here but on other spanish language sites. I have loved ones who have become ill with this virus and while none of them have died, not all of them are recovered either. Their ability to get testing or care has been abysmal. I want that to change. I recently went almost four months without business and that was painful. I don't want to have to do that again.

As far as results, I have already posted one result that you have not addressed. Mexico is the 11th most populous country in the world and has the 4th highest number of confirmed deaths. What about that result is false, biased or intentionally misleading?

No creo que estoy ahogado. Al contrario, de me perspectivo estoy mirando el situación de un perspectivo que es diferente y posiblemente mejor. Puedes convencer mi de otro manera pero necesito mas de un opinion. Como tu, soy ateo. Y soy ateo porque no solo aceptaba las palabras de los autoridades de mi juventud y investige.

I feel no responsibility for your choice to respond to my posts ;-) Enjoy your siesta.

Humberto Romero

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