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Fair enough :-)

One more set of data to address the resources available to Mexico vs. other countries. There are countries around the world that provide a way forward who have similar or less resources on a per person basis. Rwanda and Uruguay are both countries that have had far more successful responses to the pandemic than Mexico and in Uganda's case with far fewer resources. Rwanda has used "pool testing" which tests groups of people together and then when a pool shows positive they test the whole group again individually. This allows them to control costs while still provide wide testing along with contact tracing. It may be too late for Mexico to use this method but it proves that a lack of resources doesn't have to be a barrier to an effective response.

Pool Testing explained

Article about Uruguay.

Gracias Rob por mantener un espacio donde podemos subir perspectivas de nuestra querido ciudad y país, a pesar que no coincide con los perspectivos tuyos.

Un abrazo.

Humberto Romero

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