Traveling to troncones

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 08:43 (290 days ago) @ cd69

Rob, with all due respect, you really need to knock it off with your "missing the point". You are not the master of all knowledge!!! When it has been clearly established that flying is not a good idea at the moment and one of the worst ways to travel as many of the infections are coming from such method of transportation, going to a meeting simply to sign a paper and do a photo op in the US is certainly not the right thing to do! A true leader set the example and this was a poor example. You and the rest of the world need their economy to restart but not when you are in the middle of a pandemic. We can clearly see what is happening in the US when you have the wrong priorities. Now is the time to stay put, wear your mask if you need to go in public and can't social distance. It is not the time to encourage people to travel! And by the way, this is not just my opinion but the one shared by most of the world medical experts. So who miss the point?

No, I don't need to "knock off" anything, and that is a discourteous comment for you to make, amigo. Thank you for your OPINION, but that's all it is with a heavy dose of RATIONALIZATION apparently in defense of your Prime Minister Trudeau who didn't go to the D.C. meeting not because he was afraid of flying the Prime minister's exclusive exclusive Can Force One but because he detests he Chump and he allowed personal feelings to affect the relations between the two nations. That's what THAT was all about, and it's regrettable to see you paint it as anything else.

The Presidente did NOT get ill from the flight, and apparently neither did anyone else. So there went all that fearmongering out the window. Apparently flying and taking the correct precautions isn't as dangerous as you and "most of the world" make it out to be. And THAT is how you convince temerous people to fly after 5 months of having the nation's tourism industry completely shut down. AMLO set a fine and courageous example.

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