Guerrero moves to YELLOW

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, August 29, 2020, 20:40 (259 days ago) @ hromero

Comparing Mexico's response to Florida's is a low bar to set. Almost like me gloating about winning at volleyball against a 2 year old. Not something I would gloat about.

Canada's death per million= 227
Mexico's death per million= 515

And that is an optimistic comparison considering that even the mexican government admits that actual deaths may be as much as three times higher. Official website post from late July

A nation with the tenth largest population has the the third highest number of deaths and likely would be in second place ahead of the U.S. if there were accurate numbers.

Lo siento amigo, pero yo no estoy comprando que tu estas vendiendo. ;-)

As Dr. López-Gatell has explained ad nauseum (and I have repeated here), considering Mexico's level of poverty, lack of access to modern or adequate medical care, and the poor health of the majority of its inhabitants mostly due to consuming Coca-Cola instead of water for decades, we are doing well. Canada has a healthier percentage of its population and universal medical coverage including modern medical facilities. A very poor comparison, IMHO, much worse and less relevant than my comparison with Florida. Dr. López-Gatell made his determinations as to a course of action based on Mexico's unique set of circumstances and he has done an excellent job as have the people of Mexico considering the conditions we live in and the resources we have access to. So again, with all due respect, por la enésima vez, I find your criticisms unfounded and that you're using the wrong measuring stick.

The entire country of Mexico is doing better than the state of Florida, and THAT is relevant and it says all we should need to know about how things are going in Mexico. Mexico never got close to the worst-case scenario we originally feared was inevitable.

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