Guerrero moves to YELLOW

by hromero ⌂ @, Saturday, August 29, 2020, 21:33 (260 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

As Dr. López-Gatell has explained ad nauseum (and I have repeated here), considering Mexico's level of poverty, lack of access to modern or adequate medical care, and the poor health of the majority of its inhabitants..

As I have posted before, there are countries with similar resources to Mexico who have done much better (Uruguay and Rwanda for example). It was only your comparison to Canada and the U.S. and the insinuation that testing was a "waste of resources" that prompted my statistical comparison to Canada. You may say that I am using the wrong measuring stick but it seems to me that your replies are simply aimed at reducing the measuring stick to a point that any country can be considered to have been successful. If we don't hold our government accountable then they will continue to deliver poor services (which you yourself acknowledge). A point in fact, at one point Dr. Lopez-Gatell indicated that 60,000 deaths would be catastrophic for Mexico.Dr. Lopez Gatell talking about ranges of death in June Now that Mexico has exceeded that level of deaths we are expected to accept that it isn't all that catastrophic and in fact is a successful response? I care too much about this country and the people in it that I love to accept that. Respectfully, I find your defense of the Mexican government's response to Covid-19 unfounded and unbelievable. Somewhat surprising to me considering all that you do to hold our local government accountable (for which I am most appreciative).

I want people to come here and enjoy our beautiful paradise in no small part because I have staked my financial well-being on them doing so. I won't be a part of mis-informing those people about the situation here which is why I am passionate about this. I think people can come here and enjoy themselves safely but they shouldn't come here with the impression that the virus is contained or that they shouldn't take precautions (I am not saying that you are). I am cautiously optimistic that enough people are taking precautions here in Zihuatanejo to control the virus but the government's decisions to reduce testing despite rising cases, about a month ago, is baffling to me and not helpful IMHO.

Humberto Romero

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