Guerrero moves to YELLOW

by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Sunday, September 06, 2020, 23:49 (251 days ago) @ Curbarn

meh, more testing=less dead. pay now or pay later.




Sometimes detecting a health problem EARLY ON makes treating it easier, versus waiting for it to become "full-blown" or near there.
Generally speaking, the sooner Tx is initiated, the patient stands a better chance in recovering from the illness or disease.

A few years back, I had a virus of a different nature that manifests itself in the skin.
The doctor told me that if I would have showed up when I first detected it which was around 4 days or so PRIOR to my Doctor visit, and started the Tx/Rx then, the normal Tx (Aciclovir) for it is much more effective.
At any rate, I did end up with a complete recovery.

This leads to my question for the "experts" on the panel:
If a Covid-19 patient is detected by testing, even when they may be asymptomatic, and treatment is started then, is that of any benefit to obtain favorable Treatment results? (versus waiting until they are obviously ill & testing then to confirm the Dx).

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