PCR/LAMP Lab Tests: Choose wisely!!

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First- thanks for posting that, Rob!

The Canadian government added more info; a PCR or LAMP testing result will be accepted within 96 hours (instead of 72 hours) from the scheduled time of departure, until 00:01 EST on January 14, 2021.

Updated Candian Covid test requirements as of 07-January-2020

What follows below is what we learned about local PCR testing. I will update when we have LAMP testing info.

My husband and I just helped a Canadian amigo returning on Saturday with all of the above, making calls and visits to the labs. Yes, the costs are high, and it takes over 24 hours to return the official results.

In the end, we are taking our friend to Zihua Lab. The 24-hour return claim is nice- but there can be too many variables. We felt it best to go with the thought of a 48-hour window.

Don't forget to make an appointment!!

We also saw that official photo of lab choices after all our research. I suppose it would have saved us some time... But in the end, we would have made the calls ourselves to confirm.

Happy to help and serve where needed!


Hey guys,

Just found out that clinica Mediciel will offer the PCR test for covid soon. They found out today themselves following my question, as you may know canadians must have pcr negative test results in a maximum of 3 days prior to their flight, to be able to board their plane from mexico.

So, i didn't find any place that do the pcr test except clinica mediciel. They told me the price is 6000 pesos plus 240 for payment with a credit card. If you take the test 72 hours before your flight, they are able to give you the results 24 hours before your flight.
I didnt investigate yet if some insurances cover that, but I don't think so.

Test pcr; prueba de reacción en cadena de la polimerasa
Mediciel; http://www.mediciel.com.mx

This is the notice allegedly being sent to Canadians by Air Canada apparently from the local government although I cannot find it on ANY official government website or social media account, so I cannot verify its authenticity.


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