The PCR covid test in clinica NDP

by Casa Juan @, Monday, January 11, 2021, 12:18 (155 days ago) @ Evita

After two days of having a fever, no appetite, zero energy this past weekend, I got a PCR test at the NDP Clinic across Paseo Del Riscal from Pollo Feliz.

I got there at 10 am today 1/11/21 expecting to make an appointment, but instead was seen and tested within 15 minutes for a cost of $3,780 pesos which is down from the posted price of $4,200. I was told I may not see the results until 48 hrs +/- which I am ok with as the fever seems to have subsided.

Will report back after I am notified. NDP's phone # is 755 125 3118.

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