Testing at the Airport

by Keytime @, Friday, January 22, 2021, 13:58 (108 days ago) @ Justin

Justin your views of this situation are valid in my opinion. However based on reports that the media shares with us, there are a lot of people sick and dying that did not travel, did not get on an airplane, did not take the bus to work. They almost all got sick from a visit with friends and family. It was when they let their guard down because they knew someone but had not seen them for sometime. Spikes after Canada and USA Thanksgiving, Global Spikes after Christmas. What do these times have in common? Family Time.

No test is going to save you but what an airport test is doing is providing an AT THE MOMENT test that is current, not 72 hours old. We can only hope that the test results are accurate. Maybe every grocery store should have the same, the bank, the Schools? Would you have a problem taking the test before you went shopping? I know I would not. I think having a test every 48 hours for everyone is a good thing. Or maybe like these devises that people with insulin issues use that monitor you 24/7...

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