Testing at the Airport

by Nancy in SGF, Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 07:20 (105 days ago) @ cd69

Why the general statement that travel isn’t safe? What I think is not safe is indoor dining. What I think is not safe is working out at gym without a mask on. What I think is not safe is going to the grocery store and having to be standing next to somebody unmasked. When I fly, I wear a well filtered mask that I seal to my face with double-sided tape. I do not eat or drink on the plane except to put a straw underneath my mask at the bottom into a bottle of water. I sanitize all the surfaces and seatbelt on the plane. I do not ever dine indoors. I do not go around other people without a mask on. If I’m around others who are unmasked, I quickly walk away. I completely disagree with the statement traveling is not safe. The biggest risk of traveling is if you contract the virus, you would be treated away from home. I don’t know whether that medical treatment would be better or worse. This is a personal decision for everyone. And I don’t blame or fault people for making the decision to not travel. However, I think statements that travel is not safe is not helpful and not true. We are coming in a few weeks and I can’t wait. I understand it will be very different, we will wear masks when around others outside and when indoors always. And the testing requirement will make things more complicated. But frankly, those are simply additional hassles but not barriers.

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