Smoke and Mirrors US not serious about results

by nicatnit, Sunday, February 21, 2021, 07:19 (74 days ago) @ The Fez

This is related but slightly off topic. We received our test at our home in Ixtapa-one day before our flight negative result so all good and reassuring knowing we would have no hiccups at the airport. Sounds good so far, BUT when we checked in for our United AIrlines flight through Mexico City to the US, we simply had to check the little box that said we had a negative result. The honor system if you will. Also, customs checks at O’Hare were non existent. The US is not serious about this requirement in my opinion. Why have a regulation you don’t intend to enforce or even have a meaningful mechanism to enforce? The US government is paying lip service to the Pandemic. A real joke to be honest. Fortunately cases, hospitalizations, and finally deaths are cratering all across the US. Hard to tell exactly why but it’s good news for sure.

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