Foreign currency exchange

by Padrino ⌂ @, San Diego, California USA, Monday, March 08, 2021, 10:38 (68 days ago) @ lauripetersen

Dear Lauri,

You don't happen to live near the border with the U.S. and Mexico, do you? The Casas de Cambio along the border give pretty good exchange rates. If you ever find that flying to San Diego, then trundling down to the Tijuana airport for a direct flight to Zihuatanejo, is cheaper than your normal route, you can stop at the Casas de Cambio at the San Ysidro / Tijuana border and get a very good exchange rate.

As mentioned, the banks and the Casas de Cambio at the airports and tourist locations almost always practice the worst forms of usury. Big Jerks!


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