Scammed at Krystal Ixtapa Hotel

by Yandosan, Friday, March 12, 2021, 02:10 (62 days ago) @ jay

Thanks for that feedback. Yes the 2 and the 8 are not adjacent...shoulda been a red flag but I was naive. I think what is missing is that Ignacio is high on the totem there and could effectively avoid scrutiny by Expedia etc because he is reception manager...light went off when I asked
asked stymied Expedia who they were sending their unanswered emails to and they said kmartinez-something at and I said "Oh crap that's the guy Ignacio who ripped me off..." It was like that 80s horror flick when the cops call the woman and they say "Lady we have traced the's coming from inside the house!!!"
His bosses in Mexico City acknowledge the error so maybe they took action
against him.... or I hate to say it... but maybe the mob is involved.

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