Krystal Ixtapa Hotel

by Yandosan, Friday, March 12, 2021, 09:09 (64 days ago) @ ZihuaRob
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There is the reasonable man test (I take some issue with the notion that most people would defy the request to do what I did because travellers
are often reluctant to quarrel with a polite and apologetic
Reception manager offering a clear way out of a billing complication) but there is also the 'good faith' standard.
I was acting in good faith when
at the behest of the reception manager I signed an admittedly overcharged
bill with an immediate promised compensation in the form
of a refund receipt clearly showing a 6000 peso balance in my favor..a receipt that I later found to be worthless. Sounds like fraud to me.
Maybe a lawyer can chime in here and educate us all ...on the bright side, the top brass with Krystal in Mexico City seem to be on my side.
Regarding other guests at Krystal I can say that if they came at everyone with this scam Willy nilly there would be a mass public outcry ..maybe as an American all alone heading back to the States I was seen as a victim with less chance to fight back than a Mexican or frequent flyer at the hotel...

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