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Before making an offer on the lot on La Madera, we hired Agustin to represent us. After several e-mails, a price was agreed upon. Several days later, we got an e-mail from Agustin telling us that the seller had informed him that he had received an offer US$5000.00 higher and that he was giving us the opportunity to match it. Agustin was really freaked out about what had happened and said that he would not charge us for his services. Suspecting an attempted scam by the seller, I asked Agustin to tell the guy that we thought that an agreement between gentlemen in the US was as good as a written contract and that we assumed this to also be the case in Mexico. Our offer stood as is and if he didn't like it, he could shove it up his ass. Agustin, being the polite fellow that he is, forwarded my response, minus the shoving part. A few weeks later, the seller agreed to our original offer. We have also used Agustin's services a couple of other times, without any problems. Bottom line: if I ask for a recommendation about services, merchandise, or whatever, I like to hear both the plusses and the minuses, which helps to make up my mind.

Why do you keep repeating yourself on my Message Board especially after I politely ask you not to? Part of the reason I post any preferences about any local services is to try to steer folks away from using the services of people who have allegedly displayed unethical practices or who have allegedly benefitted from acts of corruption. Instead of repeatedly asking me to write down such things that could be used in a legal process against me, why can't you simply respect my judgement call on the matter? There is a lot that goes on in Zihuatanejo that you are unaware of and will likely remain blissfully so.

Does Elder speak English?

Yes, very well.

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