Basketball court

by Ironwood @, Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 15:35 (43 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

WTF, those palms they planted look like gigantic weeds. Looks like something a nursery couldn't get rid of.

What irony that the current mayor's grandfather, who was also a mayor and who also "remodeled" the waterfront, is remembered with much criticism for cutting down two of the huge old amate trees at the zócalo that provided much shade and where lots of people congregated and socialized. Now his grandson has planted a bunch of palm trees that still won't provide as much shade as the old amates did, but if they survive after having their fronds untied they will block the view of half the zócalo from the street. Can't hardly wait to see where seating will be placed. The two principal areas where locals liked to congregate have once again been obliterated.

Also, the erosion has apparently begun on the beach from the sheer weight of all the new concrete. Besides extending the cancha further onto the beach, they just poured a new layer of concrete over the old basketball court that was in excellent shape. Padding the bill.

Personally, I liked the zócalo better when it had the small amphitheater to one side.

Are municipal presidents elected to a "sexenio", or to a lesser term? I believe that whatever the length of term, they cannot be re-elected to consecutive terms. Would removing that limitation....i.e. allow for the answer to irresponsible projects like the current desecration of La Cancha and the Paseo del Pescadores? Or maybe the latest project has been generally well-received?

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