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by mindpilot @, la Playa Buenavista, Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 04:43 (915 days ago)

Here is the first draft of the instructions on how to use CBX. Please read through it and ask any questions I haven’t answered. If you have previously used CBX please let me know if anything is not right or needs to be added.


One of the most economical means to get to Zihuatanejo by air is to use the San Diego / Tijuana Cross Border Express (CBX) and fly Volaris from TIJ to ZIH.

Step one is to get to San Diego. The flight to ZIH leaves TIJ at 3am, so you’ll need to be at CBX about midnight to 1am. If you are flying into SAN then try to get a flight that arrives around 11pm. There are shuttles, taxis and Uber available for the approximately 40-minute ride from San Diego airport to CBX.

CBX also has car rental services (Hertz, Avis/Budget, Mex-Rent A Car/Fox) and secure parking if you drive. There is also shuttle service from the Los Angeles area.

From the CBX website you can prepare your FMM online and pay with a credit card. Fill out the information and select “Land” for type of crossing. You will then be taken to a page to enter your payment information. This part is particularly important, PRINT YOUR RECEIPT. There is not another opportunity to retrieve it. If you cannot produce the receipt at immigration you will have to walk to immigration booth at the other end of the airport and pay for another one.

Within about five minutes you will receive an email with a link to print the FMM.
Also, if you are preparing FMMs for more than one person, do them as separate transactions preferably with that person’s credit card. The name on the receipt and FMM must match.

Cross Border Express now has its own three-letter airport designation, TJX. Use that when you book your Volaris flight and the CBX fee is included in the fare and your boarding pass is also your ticket through the CBX turnstile.

Of course, there are other Mexican airlines, Aero Mexico and Viva, which service Zihuatanejo, Volaris is the only one with a non-stop flight between TIJ and ZIH.

The other advantage to this flight is in the wee hours of the morning, the airport is uncrowded, and it is mostly a breeze through customs and security. They do not even make you push the button; just put your bag on the conveyor.

When you arrive at CBX check in at the Airline counter. They will weigh and tag your bags, return them to you and point you to Immigration. From there to Customs. After that you take the 1000-foot-long walk across the border. There will be a place to drop off your checked baggage, go through security and then to your gate.

On your return, just follow the signs to baggage claim. There are a couple places that are little confusing because the signage is not clear. Turn left though the big glass exit doors from the terminal to baggage claim.

Once you have your bags, follow the signs to CBX. You will go through duty free shop (keep going left) and up an escalator. Have your boarding pass (or separate CBX ticket) ready to scan for passage through the CBX gate. Then you will find yourself back on the 1000-foot skybridge. Down the escalator to US Immigration, and you are in the US.


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