Basketball court

by Keytime @, Thursday, April 01, 2021, 14:23 (44 days ago) @ catlover

My sarcasm from an early post was intended for all the Nay Sayers that have a hard time dealing with Change and Loss, two of the three things we all have to deal with (#3 Taxes).
With almost any change we all have our opinions. How we would want them or how we would have done it differently. Come on! Tom Brady in Florida? Really that will never work out. A refurbished basketball court, a few trees gone and a few new ones installed, Really that will never work out. It is not for us geezers to decided, we had our chance and we F-ed it up. Give the 30 and 40's a chance as they will have to live with their choices much longer that we will.

The music will be fine, everyone will find a place to sit or stand, The volume will be to loud (Geezer Speaking) Kids will have the time of their lives, parents will fall in love again and the world will go one.

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